Redeeming Love - Leonie.e.Brown Artist

Redeeming Love

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  • Mixed Media on Canvas
  • Oil , wax, encaustic, shellac, ink
  • W: 700mm x H: 1500mm x D: 44mm
  • W: 28" x H: 59" x D: 2"

About "Redeeming Love"

Redeeming Love goes beyond unconditional love. Redemption in terms of love is a sacrifice of sorts. The word redemption means there is a regaining of something in exchange for some type of payment, or debt owed. When put with the word love, it's meaning is magnified. Redemptive Love is sacrificing oneself because of love.

Soli Deo Gloria


Sneak peak behind the latest project of Leonie.e.Brown Artist. “My work is about a very specific message to a specific viewer. I see myself as a glorified postmaster. However, the work itself is a unique hybrid of painting and wax.” The surface of the painting is made up of layers of oils, inks and wax, which give the finished work a three dimensional quality. A sense of seeing through the top layer into hidden messages and layers below. The layering give the work a softness and richness that invites the viewer to look closer and to experience the satin smooth surface through touch,. The wax layers get more and more translucent through the warmth emanating from the exploring human hand. The viewers becomes a part of the slow change and clarity of the if the message is rising from the depth of the hidden soul to the surface of the mind There is a strange ethereal beauty in these paintings, as if they were made from air. #oilpainting #paintingtoday #capetown #capetownartist #southafrica #southafricanart #sneakpeak #onmyeasel #inmystudio #artfortheheart #painting #leonie.e.brownartist #instaart #contemporaryart #inovativeart #makeart #artinspiration #artgallery #abstractexpressionism #artoninstagram #artlovers

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